Top services offered by the e-waste recycling companies

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Renowned e waste recycling companies are licensed to dismantle electronics of various breeds under their expert supervision in a fully protected lab or van by guaranteeing zero toxin exposure that is threatening to the living world.

From computer disposal to dismantling mobile phones, TVs, stereos, printers, small to large home appliances – the top electronic recycling companies ensure widespread services against a guaranteed certification.

Here are a few services offered by the top waste recycling companies—

  • Computer Dismantling — The computers, whether used at offices or home, are the chalices holding of all intellectual data and official soft data in their hard disks. Therefore, before recycling or selling old computers, running high functioning data deletion software is strongly recommended to keep you on the safer side from any future data theft allegations. 

It is necessary to team up with a recognized e-waste recycling company with a reputation to offer 100% safer deployment of IT assets despite running the data deletion software. 

Soon after the recycling is done, whether onsite or at their labs, the company issues a certificate claiming the dismantling of the computers and particularly, the hard disks holding the intellectual data. 

  • Electronics Disposal — If you are running out of space to store the old TVs, stereos, home theatres, Play Stations, etc., call a genuine e-waste recycler to dismantle the old electronic junks safely.  
  • Old Mobile Phone Recycling — If you, like many others, tend to store up old mobile phones that you can’t even exchange while buying a new handset, then it’s high time to dismantle the old phone now.  

Allow a professional recycler to dispose of the mobile phones while performing the lithium battery disposal with guaranteed safety. 

For a 100% safe and secured e-waste disposal, asking for a price quotation from a few top-ranking companies will help you choose the best amongst the rest.

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